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For the end is near

WASHINGTON (AP) — Classified website closed its adult ad section Monday night and replaced it with a red “censored” sign that protests what it calls “unconstitutional government censorship.”         California officials have said they intend to pursue new charges against the company based on new evidence.



“到女性寻求男人(约会)页面花了不到一个小时,但我们很快就会停止。” – 警察局官员。


10月,当局调查了Backpage在达拉斯的总部,并逮捕了行政长官卡尔·费雷尔,指控一名未成年人和阴谋,因为国家检察长的调查发现,卖淫广告张贴到该网站涉及性贩运受害者。 当局还指控Larkin和Lacey阴谋提交倾诉。 当时,加州检察长卡马拉·哈里斯指责他们将Backpage设计为“世界上最好的在线妓院”。


Censored ads move to “dating”

“It took no longer than an hour for it to go to the women-seeking-men (dating) page, but we will stop that soon.” -Says unnamed Police Department Officer.


Lets face the facts everyone, is done. They are so deep in legal trouble and continue to take huge amounts of money to advertise what was escort ads, in their dating and massage sections. There doesn’t seem to be any end the greed exhibited by and it’s owners. What is more amazing is those of you that continue to send money to Dallas and use your credit cards. Haven’t you realized that law enforcement is gathering all your information before they completely close the website. They may even be keeping your money to pay for the current of future legal action AGAINST YOU. has made hundreds of millions of dollars and is still racking in tons of cash. It won’t be long before the courts deal the final blow and shut down for good. Time to move on to other alternatives. For us, we are betting will be the next best thing to They clearly have the best of alternative solution and the site is free as is the ads.


让面对事实大家。 后台完成。 他们是如此深的法律困难,并继续大量的钱,宣传什么是护送广告,在他们的约会和按摩部分。 他们似乎没有任何结束的贪婪展示的backpage.com和它的主人。 更令人惊讶的是那些继续送钱到达拉斯并使用你的信用卡的人。 您是否意识到执法部门在完全关闭网站之前收集您的所有信息。 他们甚至可能保留你的钱来支付今后的法律诉讼。 backpage.com已经赚了数亿美元,仍然在吨的现金。 这不会很久以前法院处理的最后打击和关闭backpage.com下来为好。 时间转移到其他替代品。 对我们来说,我们打赌besthotads.com将是backpage.com的下一个最好的东西。 他们显然有最好的替代解决方案和网站如果免费作为广告。