5 reasons why online classified ads outperform local print advertising

With high quality classified ads websites hard to find – particularly since the shutdown of Backpage – many local businesses will be considering their options, wondering if they should return to traditional print advertising.

Traditional print advertising can be great: served to a receptive audience; hyper-targeted; focused on a niche. But is it the most effective use of your budget?

Here at iBackpage, we don’t believe so. And here are 5 reasons why:

  1. Online classified advertising serves a huge audience

Print is fine, but your audience is limited. Even if high converting, a small audience will never achieve the response volume that our massive communities can.

  1. Sites like iBackpage offer FREE online classifieds

Not always the case, but I bet the majority of your advertising needs come with a low budget, right? Print magazines always have a cost and, no matter how small, this is often more than you’d be hoping to spend whereas what we offer is FREE!

  1. Your customers could come from anywhere

Local print advertising is exactly that. Local. Great if your business has a single focus but often that is not the case. Expand your reach as you never know where your next sale might come from.

  1. Classified audiences are looking to buy

People buy print to read, not to see advertising. People come to sites similar to Backpage to see adverts, not to read. So, take advantage of that fact and choose classified ads sites to find a relevant audience who are willing to part with their cash.

  1. We offer product-specific categories

Again, print is not always specific. You get a page somewhere amongst other content. Who knows exactly what that content is. Yet classified ads sites allow you to put your ad in the right place, so only people searching for your product category will find it.

Print and online media both have their places. But when it comes to classifieds, online wins hands down.

Make the right choice.

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