The perfect classified ad in 5 simple steps

Writing the perfect free online classified ad is as much art as it is science, but here at iBackpage we have devised a simple 5-step programme to help you make the most of your post:

  1. Choose your category

Your audience are looking to make a transaction so if you choose the right category, chances are you’ll find a willing customer.

  1. Be specific

People are here to save time so make sure they immediately understand your offer. Don’t lose a sale by being vague. Tell them exactly what you are selling.

  1. Be honest

Not everyone is seeking perfection; some people just want value. Be open and upfront in your online classified posting as a slightly outdated but cheap lawn mower might be just what the customer is after!

  1. Make life as easy as possible

If you are selling, offer to meet. If you are providing a service, offer a sample. If you have done similar work before, try and show references. People love to deal with reputable providers.

  1. Be available, even post sale

Sometimes things go wrong in the world of online classifieds and we must accept that. But if you offer some kind of post-sale guarantee, buyers will trust you and want to deal with you. Simple as that.

Free online classifieds can be a great form of advertising when used properly. So why not try one today and sign up to one of iBackpage’s membership packages to see where it leads you.