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Backpage Personals and Why People seek an Alternative

If you run a business, chances are you must have come across backpage and know the story of how and why it was taken off the internet. However, if you have never heard or used it, you must post your profile and experience the difference in your sales. Backpage personals are now banned because they allegedly posted illegal content in their adult classifieds. It was the largest platform which enabled individual looking for sexual relationships find sex workers.

What is backpage

Backpage is a classified advert service that allowed its clients to sell their products online to global customers. The services range included every product like furniture, automobiles, real estate, rentals, job placements, and many similar. Backpage also featured content about the adult industry.  

The site allowed people to register free of cost and people could use the platform to search for services they need. Backpage was founded in the year 2004 and went on to become the second-largest classified ad channel. Backpage was multilingual and available worldwide. Buyers and sellers could communicate in any language they found comfortable with. The site was simple, and navigation was easy and fast. Placing an ad in the site didn’t require people to have any previous experience. When Backpage closed in 2018, it disturbed many businesses. Clients became desperate to find a replacement channel to stay in touch with customers.

Since then, several new backpage alternative websites are readily seen everywhere on the internet competing to fill the void created due to the new government regulations.  Though there is an increase in the websites, complaints of spam content and poor quality services have risen.  The websites deploy a lot of techniques to fight the menace of hackers and fake profiles. Some have been successful to an extent while many still struggle.

The most important purpose of using the backpage personals is to give your business maximum exposure and get sales. If you do not choose the best platform, customers will hesitate to use the site to view your products and services.  Business owners need to research to find the right channels where they post their ad. Ask yourself

  • Where is my audience? Which locations must I select?
  • Does the classified service in those locations? What is their reputation overall and in that location?
  • Are they secure and reliable? if they have frequent downtime, your content will not be visible to the internet viewers.

A viable replacement

ibackpage is one emerging website that is successful in drawing a good volume of genuine visitors. Post your advertisement in this new backpage and get a wide exposure to your services. Their services are available across the globe in all the major cities. You can maximize your reach by posting in multiple locations. ibackpage interface is almost similar to backpage and services are on par. Clients with backpage now use the ibackpage website for posting their profiles.

How the new backpage is useful

  • Classifieds are totally in your control.  Most sites offer free services and if the content is created tactfully, it can be the most efficient medium.
  • Choosing the right locations will ensure reaching the target audience effectively. It creates and improves your brand awareness. You can find a significant improvement in visitor traffic and sales.
  • Consumers trust the classifieds as it enables them to find the services they require quickly. For instance, you need a female escort in Chicago, you type the location, select on the category and your screen will display a list of professionals.
  • It adds credibility to your brand. Consumers will trust the services when they find the ads in the top directories available. Your business will stand with the top players in your industry. It gives you an advantage since most consumers prefer to try a new service to know its quality.

Tastes differ

The adult classified industry has been the worst affected because of the closure of backpage. It is said the major share of internet users browse for adult services.

Individuals seek the backpage personals mainly out of boredom, to get away from the monotony of daily routines. While some while away their time watching movies or similar, many of the adults prefer companionship and seek escort services. it ultimately varies depending on the individual’s moods and preferences.  

Individuals may look for massage service or a spa when they are tired after a long journey or a day out in the sun.  Massage therapy can be very soothing and helps a person in recovering from tiredness. People who have plans of travel look at the backpage personals for escort services.  They seek company in a new city and escorts are the ideal companion.

The escort can be a male or a female depending upon an individual’s preference. The classifieds are posted in separate categories like women seeking women, men seeking men, massages, spas near you, and many similar. Most of the new backpage classified services also offer long-term relationship ads. There are categories for widows and widowers for the individuals who are ready to date again.

A lonely man finds solace in the company and warmth of a female escort. The backpage personals section allows an individual to browse through the listings and search for the right companion.  They can take away your boredom, pep up the session and make it an unforgettable experience for you.

A youngster seeks the services to find pleasure. It must be made clear in the profiles the services they provide. Customers must not expect happy endings when they hire massage therapists or escorts. These service providers are not prostitutes by profession. They will face severe legal actions and lose their license if they indulge in sex for money.

Do a safety check on the site you use

However, be cautious in your dealings. Not every new backpage is as efficient and safe as it was. Technology is improving but so is the online fraud. Cybercriminals are misusing technology to create new ways to attack both individuals and businesses. Cases of bogus ads and fake profile accounts have been reported. They create dummy profiles with seductive pictures to entice customers. The main reason is to steal your money when you start sharing information.

You need a secure site like ibackpage when you register for backpage personals.  ibackpage is an SSL enabled site that adds to its security. When you register you have to make a small fee payment. For this, you use your credit card or other payment gateways. The information you share is all transmitted in encryption. This means the cyber thieves cannot decipher it even if they manage to intercept and steal.

Total privacy and respect

Escort service providers are very discreet. They do not like to invite undue publicity to their personal life. When you interact with them, you can be assured they will not harm you in any way. They maintain privacy and will do their best to please you so that you come back again in the future. You too must respect their profession. They are doing it to give you company when you need them. You are paying them because you were searching for their services in the backpage personals and hired them.

Simple and easy to use

The biggest advantage for individuals and businesses that were using backpage is that ibackpage is almost similar in all aspects. It has the same layout, design, categories, etc.  ibackpage by itself has its dedicated clients. Now most backpage customers have moved to ibackpage. You can find new customers for your products as the number of visitors to their site is increasing daily. The new backpage substitute is becoming a favorite with the consumers because of its simple registration process, fast connections, and high availability.

How to post your ad

To place an ad in the new backpage, register with ibackpage. There is a small fee that you must pay to get a hoard lot of services.  You can upgrade to a premium account and get access to more features.

Select your country and city or cities you want to publish.  

Choose a category. Choose a sub-category to be more specific about your service.

You must then fill up the registration form giving details like your age, gender, profession, interests, etc.  Specifying the correct age is important as under 18-year individuals are not allowed in the adult’s category.  

If you are a buyer and looking for a service

Register and log in to backpage personals.

Choose the country and city where you require the service.

Specify the category and sub-category you want

The list of service providers will be displayed on your device.

ibackpage scrutinizes each of the advertisements for legitimacy and only then allow it to be posted. By charging the small fee, they ensure no fake profiles are being created. This also restricts the hackers from opening a dummy account. Do a thorough check before you post to ensure it is as per ibackpage regulations.  ibackpage will remove the ad if they find any offensive content.