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Channel: Black Ambush

Starred: Riley

Description: Bespectacled first timer Riley is going to suck and fuck a big black cock in a filthy mini van today - she just doesnt know it when white camera guy picks her up from the airport. He feigns being tired and asks Riley to have some coffee with him and record some behind-the-scenes chit chat. At least thats what shes supposed to think. After we get to know Riley a bit more (stripper! whod a thunk?), Troy reveals the truth - the real reason theyre sitting at the airports coffee lounge is because Rileys real male talent is coming in on a flight in a few minutes. Rileys thinks its a joke but when Troy walks away and picks up big black cock overlord Jovan from another gate and brings him back to the coffee lounge (all filmed on Troys phone of course for your amusement!), our librarian-turned-whore realizes that not only is this not a joke, its gonna be a fucking massacre when that gigantic black guy is going to stuff his presumably massive cucumber in the spinners snatch. Its awkward and everyone at the airport lounge is staring, so off they go. Just out of the airport parking lot, its time to test if Riley really is as...ummm.... sexually adventurous (ok, a slut) as she claimed during her interview So you want me to suck his dick, right here in your car?, she asks incredulously. Why, yes, Riley. Suck that big black cock and let him do what he wants with your little white ass. And dont stop until were at the hotel, ya hear? Jovan, of course, is all game for that. He gets comfortable on the back seat. When Riley gets on her knees and unpacks his pants, its clear she wasnt prepared for a big black dick like that. But the cameras are running, the car is going, and shes on the spot - suck that dick or look like a loser, right? Riley sucks that dick. And OMG does she sucks it good. Jovan is doing a good job keeping that POV camera semi-steady, considering hes getting what looks like an incredible blowjob in the car. After Rileys sloppy, wet cock sucking performance, Jovan somehow manages to defy gravity, stands up in the van - all while the whole thing is moving through town - and fucks Riley while shes on her knees on all fours. Troy does his best to not crash the van and film the action in the back at the same time, but for safety reasons the majority of footage here is Jovans POV. And good work, Sir! Its hot, close, the noises are nasty, and the cameras new stabilization system makes sure you dont get sick from watching that thick black cock slide in and out of that tight white girl pussy while the car is moving. Once at the hotel, Riley is so turned on by that BBC experience in the car that she asks our white camera man to cut the stills photos session short and just let Jovan keep fucking her. Obligingly, Jovan jumps on the bed and goes back to town. He does his big cock magic on petite Riley, who at some point is so into getting her pussy pounded that she doesnt even hear him when he tries to do that dirty talking thing he likes girls to do. Like her body is going on auto pilot and shes just looking to orgasm. Riley cums several times and it looks like shes almost in a trance thanks to Jovans BBC mastery. But all good things must cum to an end, and in this case that means getting her pussy filled with Jovans bucket load of semen. Its absolute sperm overload, what an amazing creampie Riley takes here. The black lord had his nut, and so did our white cutie, the latter who seems to suddenly realize what shes done and rushes into the shower. No more filming, she demands. Apparently its time for her to think through what just happened, and figure out how to explain that to her boyfriend.

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