Bitchy brunette babe Olivia gets fucked by a hard black cock

Channel: Black Ambush

Starred: Olivia

Description: Whats better than watching a girl squirt from cumming so hard? Watching a girl squirt from cumming so hard with a big black cock - and she had no idea she even COULD squirt! With 20 year old Indiana native Olivia we get exactly that. Our camera man Troy picks her up from the airport and wants to test her...ummm.. open mindedness almost immediately - off goes the top and Olivia presents her big natural tits in the car. Aside from wanting to put her top back on (nope!), this girl seems to be open enough to accept whats about to happen to her in a little while... Settled in at the hotel, Olivia gets a little shy when the lights and cameras are all on her. Its just her and Troy and as far as our blonde newbie is concerned, thats how its gonna be for the rest of her first porn scene. She gets naked, shows us her ass and pussy, and more of those fabulous tits before Troy invites her to show us how she masturbates the way she would at home. Nothing like getting a girl comfortable and feeling secure before a huge black man walks in on her, right? And thats what happens. Olivia uses a vibrator on her pussy and clit and right when shes about to cum, black cock lord Jovan uses his room key to catch her at her most vulnerable state. Olivia looks surprised, naturally, but not turned off either. She quickly takes the vibrator out of her when Jovan takes his seat next to her. Shes naked and confused, hes turned on by having a young blonde girl with big tits presented to him. Troy reveals that Jovan is actually going to be the one Olivia needs to be sucking and fucking today on camera. It turns out that Olivia hasnt had a black man before and shes both nervous and excited. Its either that, or she has the choice to leave, no pay. Olivia chooses to stay. When she unpacks Jovans massive black cock, she cant believe what she sees. Its so big! But our big black overlord tells her its her job to get him fully hard before she gets to see his full pride. Olivia starts her dick sucking demo pensively but quickly figures out how to (kinda) fit all of Jovans big black cock in her mouth. She sucks his now hard dick, licks his balls and visibly gets turn on by the whole situation. Jovan sits back down on the couch and tells Olivia to get that white girl pussy on his big black cock ASAP, and she does as shes told. Olivia rides our big boy in cowgirl and reverse cowgirl (love watching those titties bounce!) and thanks to that big cock and Jovans deep knowledge of how girls like to be fucked, Olivia has now turned from next-door white girl into a borderline porn goddess. And then something unexpected happens - Jovan wants to take his blonde plaything into the bedroom, and right when she gets off his big cock, she squirts! A big load of pussy juice shoots out and all over her thigh. Olivia is like Oh my god, I just squirted! I didnt even know I can do that!. Nobody was prepared for this and camera man Troy wasnt even sure the cameras caught it. Luckily, they did! We replay the big event in slow motion - yep, this girl is cumming and squirting. Super hot! Once in the bedroom, Olivia gives Jovan more of that sweet blowjob. This segment is set up with the Black Ambush trademark style where one camera is always trained on her face while she sucks that dick, kind of like POV but Jovan doesnt have to hold the camera. So its rock steady, crystal clear cock sucking heaven and youll love watching this in 1080p HD! After the BJ, Jovan wants to taste some of that white girl pussy and they both get into the 69 position. Olivia gags herself hard on Jovans BBC as he eats her out, and its a super hot, spit covered messy affair. After this oral enjoyment, its time for more pussy fucking and Jovan does his best to show this young white girl from Indiana what a big black cock can do. We get more cowgirl, rough sex in doggy, side spooning, missionary to the point where Olivia clearly becomes worn out by that big black cock. Shes new and young but still manages to take Jovans massive dick in all our favorite positions. When Jovan is satisfied, he unloads his cum inside her pussy, pulls out, shoots more cum on her pussy and ass, and puts his cum-covered cock back inside for a few more pumps. Olivia looks super hot with all that black man cum literally covering her entire naughty bits area! Exhausted, orgasmed, and riding on that high girls get when they just got fucked by the biggest cock of their lives, Troy squeezes out a few more exit interview questions out of Olivia before letting her go. She says she loves Jovan fucking her and despite the initial surprise of her first porn scene being also with her first black man, she really enjoyed the whole thing. A lot. So did out man Jovan, as evidenced by that huge load of cum and equally big grin on the mans face. Olivias Black Ambush scene is a really nice porn debut with a fun first-timer who is so new to having good sex that she didnt know she could cum and squirt until today. Youre welcome, Olivia.

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