Aesthetic chicks Sophie and Angeline are getting penetrated

Channel: Backroom Casting Couch

Starred: Sophie

Description: Have you ever heard the saying two is better than one? Its not ALWAYS applicable, for instance two years in prison is NEVER better than one... unless youre into that kind of thing. But in the case of this couch, two is definitely better than one. This week weve got Angeline and Sophie, and before I go any further Ill preface by saying this is a FUCKING EPIC SCENE, weve got an hour and thirty eight minutes of debauchery. If youre not into long scenes, long interviews, and tons of girl on girl action, go ahead and skip ahead to 50 minutes when Cam finally gets that trouser snake free, and from there youre gonna love the action. If you want the full experience sit back, drop them pants and enjoy. Weve got Sophie coming in first, and I let her know Ive got an appointment later, so at some point well have another eager interviewee showing up. After a few slow pitch softball questions Angeline arrives. She had no idea there would be another girl here today either, so let the fun begin. I take some extra time really getting to know these girls, really getting them to let their guard down a little, and get comfortable with each other. Angeline has never been with another girl before, so today... SHES GONNA LEARN. We have them undress each other all sultry and sensual like, they do some masturbating, playing with toys, kissing each other. Neither has any experience with anal sex, so we have them use butt plugs on each other Shit, its practically a full on girl/girl experience until we get them both sucking and fucking on Cam. Once that BGC (big ginger cock lol) gets out it gets hotter and hotter and hotter. Cam really throws down the gauntlet. He has each taste his cock out of the others freshly fucked pussy. They ride his cock and play with each other in multiple positions. We get some first time anal on both of them, and some first time ass to mouth and some gapes. To finish it off we recreate one of my and Cams favorite scenes from the movies... ASS TO ASSSSS, if you know you know, finally Sophie jerks a load out of Cam on to Angelines face and they enjoy sharing that as well. Then we sendem on their way with no money for all the dirty stuff we gotem to do... but hey, at least they both made a new friend right?

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