Sweet redhead chick Ryan Smiles screwed by a long wiener

Channel: Scoreland

Starred: Ryan Smiles

Description: You wouldnt guess that Ryan Smiles was a late bloomer. That big ol booty of hers didnt blossom until Ryan turned 16. Shes been making dudes heads spin ever since. Im the only one in my family with a big ass, Ryan said. I love it, though. Guys have loved my ass ever since high school. Its perfect for being spanked. Girl, you didnt have to tell us that ass is perfect for spanking. We already knew. So did our boy Johnny. Not many people love ass more than this dude, and he knows exactly what to do with an ass like Ryans. He taps, smacks and worships her milky white booty before going to work on her. Ryan says she is usually more assertive sexually, but she lets Johnny take control. I usually go after what I want, she said. If I want your cock, then Im going to get it. I also like girls, and Im the same with them. Johnny tells Ryan to go down on his cock, and she hastily goes down on his monster dick, taking every inch that can fit into her mouth. Soon after, he instructs her to jump on his cock and ride him. Ryan eagerly hops on top. I love riding cock, she said. If I could, I would do it all day. I like having a cock so deep inside me, it feels like its hitting my stomach. Ryan turns around and twerks her ass and pussy like shes on the dance floor of a bangin nightclub. She used to be a stripper, and seeing her go to work here, we know this bitch was leaving guys with cum-stained pants when they left the private dance area. I love dancing, Ryan said. Almost as much as I love fucking. If I could dance and fuck all day, I would be the happiest girl in the world. You can tell shes pretty happy right now with Johnnys fat cock inside her. He bangs her out from the side and then missionary style before dropping a thick creampie in her pretty, pink pussy.

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