Stunning Latina chick Hazel Heart screwed in the anal hole

Channel: ExCoGi

Starred: Hazel Heart

Description: Ive always wanted my girlfriend to have a girlfriend. We couldnt agree more Jay and if todays update was your girlfriend then wishes do come true. Today is the much anticipated return of fan favorite Remi Jones super lez friend Hazel Hearts ANALing! Yes we dont bring back many girls for a second scene. Its even rarer we have girls return for a third scene, and having a girl return for a fourth scene is virtually something that almost never ever ever ever happens. But today you will see why Hazel is that special type of a girl that warrants it. Hell if her super sweet and innocent lover Remi was ready to take a cock up that tight little ass of hers shed be another one to add to the list but lets all rejoice that Hazel is here to get her tail pipe cleaned. So we forgo most of the usual intro car stuff & interview since we already know all about Hazel. In fact let me just say go watch this scene. This girl hasnt done anal in years and she loved it today. She even did A2M for the first time and got DPd with toys booya! As said directly from Hazel, Im definitely going to start including anal again in my life. We agree girl so go watch this sweet thing take it up the ass. Its sweet.

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