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Channel: Black Ambush

Starred: Clove

Description: From 21 year old Cloves appearance on ExCoGi you may already know that this cutie with the girl-next-door looks absolutely adores kinky sex and BDSM. If you havent checked out her ExCoGi scene, do that first to get to know her, then come back here and watch her get tied up, flogged, paddled, whipped, and ultimately fucked in her little ass by guest BBC Sevyan. OK that last bit, Clove wasnt really aware of until it actually happened. She thought todays shoot would be a BDSM scene with camera guy Troy. Well, thats how it starts, but its certainly not how it ends. Luckily, Clove is really as open-minded and kinky as she told us. Freshly spanked and still tied up, a knock on the hotel room door startles Clove out of her kink enjoyment. Tall black dude Sevyan strolls in like he owns the place. Clove likes that confidence and it doesnt take a lot of arm wringing (although she probably would have liked that) to convince her to let that black guy fuck her on camera today. The guys keep Clove tied up a while longer but it gets rough enough for some of the restraint chains to break. Clove enjoys having a black guy inside her pussy and mouth while being still wrapped in those symbols of submission, so they let her keep the restraints on for now. After some very nice cock sucking, 69, and cowgirl on the couch, our black stud carries Clove over to the bedroom to continue the fun. That tight white pussy and Cloves visible enjoyment are all well and good, but Clove knows shes supposed to take it in her ass today. And since she already agreed to doing the scene with that tall black stranger, she pretty much locked herself in to doing anal with him. We get some of the longest, hottest black-cock-in-white-ass action in doggy. Clove is having a tough time taking Sevyans big black dick in her ass but she fights through it. Dont miss the split screen action of this! We even get her stuffed with a ball gag while getting assfucked by that big black cock. Yeah its a bit more kinky than usual today and everyone is having a grand time. Unfortunately though, when its time for her to take it in the ass in another position, she taps out - her black lover is just too big to let him fuck her ass any more. As punishment, Troy flogs her ass before letting her and her hung partner finish the scene with pussy and mouth action. A big load of cum in Cloves pussy is the cherry on this cake. A girl who looks like Clove but gets down and dirty like she did in her Black Ambush scene, is a rare find.

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