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Channel: BFFs

Starred: Casey Lane

Description: The girls are starting college and decided to have a little get together before the semester begins. They were just messing around in the pool, and talking when Iris informed them that she has a creepy neighbor who always sends a drone over to her house whenever she has friends over. Low and behold, the drone comes flying by and lurks in the sky, watching these teens party naked! After some minutes of spying on the girls, the drone crash lands and the girls take the drone and the camera attached to it hostage! When the neighbor comes by to get it back, the girls stop him in his tracks. They start fucking with him and eventually take down his shorts and suck his dick! All while recording it to show his wife later on! He fucked Iris and the other girls watched with pleasure as they had tons of fun before going back to school! In the end they used teamwork to suck his rod until he busted all over them!

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