Sensual skinny blonde Haley Reed opens her shaved hole for a hard dick

Channel: Nubiles Porn

Starred: Haley Reed

Description: Ricky Spanish and his stepsister Haley Reed have an interesting relationship, where they constantly flirt with one another. When Haleys mom leaves the house, Haley winks at Ricky and then goes to change into tight yoga pants that show off her ass and camel toe. Rickys dick, Mr. Johnson, narrates the whole scenario, right down to how badly Ricky wants to tap that but wont out of fear that Haley will rat him out. After a few stretches, Haley goes to take a shower. The imagery of that doesnt do a thing to make Mr. Johnson stop wanting to fuck.Later, dressed in a short skirt and no panties, Haley finds Ricky in his room playing video games. She claims her mom left her a list of chores like making up Rickys bed, but as shes making the bed up she gives Ricky plenty of opportunity to look down her blouse. Pulling the sheets down, Haley accidentally tugs Rickys sweatpants off, too, which puts her face to face with Mr. Johnson. Thats just what shes been waiting for. She leans in and takes Mr. Johnson in both hands to draw him to her mouth and start sucking. Haley gives an incredible BJ, but it gets even better when she shimmies out of her skirt and straddles Rickys hips to slide down on his fuck stick for a stiffie ride.Mr. Johnson isnt satisfied with just one position and neither is Haley. She turns around to bounce away in reverse cowgirl. Then she gets on her hands and knees so Ricky can do her in doggie. Flipping onto her back, Haley spreads her thighs to invite Ricky back inside. This time, Haley doesnt want Ricky to stop until he fills that meaty twat up with cum. Mr. Johnson and Ricky are happy to comply. Smiling in satisfaction, Haley thanks Mr. Johnson and promises Ricky she wont tell anyone about their romp.

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